Friday, October 28, 2005

This Mother Fucker

This asshole is actually fucking you, your mother and anyone else important in your life. His company made almost 10 billion (10,000,000,000.00 [looks pretty crazy all spelled out]) dollars net profit in THREE months by selling overpriced gasoline.
Yeah yeah yeah there are a whole crap load of problems with our reliance on oil, but that is not what this web log is about. Look at that disgusting double chin and his fucked up teeth. Ewww. You know he started off this meeting with this comment:
"Well gentlemen (cause you know them good ol' boys keep women in the kitchen) looks like we finally did it. ah ha ha ha (the more he laughs the more that turkey waddle quivers)"
"Now on to more important business. Our weekly retreat to Thailand to buy underage hookers has been moved to Thursday instead of Friday and the jet leaves at noon sharp. Be there or be square, ah ha ha ha (more with the turkey waddle)"
"And finally we will upgrade the company yacht fleet by purchasing the Canadian Navy and the US Coast Guard. We have contracted West Coast Customs to totally "trick" those boats out for us. Did I use that right? "Trick" isn't that what all the "jiggy" kids are saying these days? AH HA HA HA HA HA (now he laughs so hard that the fat trapped in his neck threatens to break from it's skin prison and strangle its captor upon escape)"
"Oh and seriously guys the $100 bills in the bathroom are for lighting cigars, the 20's are for wiping your ass. What, are we MADE of money? If I see another log covered in soiled Franklins I'm just going to loose it. Wadsworth I'm looking at you... I know it was you. Fine then well just fill your stall with singles... huh, what's that? Yeah I know sitting on a 24K Gold toilet seat calls for something special, but we must be reasonable. Keep it to Jacksons from now on"

"Meeting adjourned"


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