Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Hash

Olympics, blah blah blah. Fun to watch, but this year we watched them in Asia and it really opened my eyes. Covereage in the US has always centered around baseball, basketball, gymnastics... you know real sports! In Asia I could not believe the coverage of the "other sports."

1) Ping Pong, oh excuse me table tennis. This is not a sport, it is game you play in your buddies basement with a few beers.
2) Badminton, see ping pong but substitute basement for back yard.
3) Rhythmic gymnastics. Dancing with a ribbon or a hoop or a salad server doesn't make it a sport. Show me some crumping, now that is intense.

Then I wanted to see what other things were recognized as sport by the IOC, wait it gets worse.

Tug of War


Also Baseball and Softball are cut for 2012, and they tried to add Karate and Squash in their place but there wasn't enough support for those sports either. Maybe there needs to be some Texas Hold 'em, look at what that has done for Binions!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stick a fork in me

... for better or worse, I am done!

Monday, July 14, 2008


One day while my wife was driving me to the gym she asked (randomly) "Do you think San Francisco has the most mini coopers of any city?" My thoughts were in this order:

1) What! and Why? Does this even matter?

2) Why would she think that I was familiar with vehicle registrations from county to county, or that I could even begin to answer?

3) Is this something that needs to occupy my time?

Well we were 6 blocks from the gym where after asking the question I sleepily said "I have no idea". Then we counted 6 mini coopers. One on each block. Since then I have begun counting mini coopers on every trip I take. I also count how many blocks I go and figure out my cooper/block ratio. I am totally obsessed, this is like the slug bug game from my childhood but even worse (cause I don't get to hit my little brother).

This has led me to search the dark recesses of the CA DMV website in an attempt to assuage my OCD. If I knew the number of coopers divided by the population on a county by county basis then I could stop all this counting. But alas all that I could find was a very basic statistic sheet, there are 22,086,593 registered automobiles in CA. BUT HOW MANY ARE COOPERS, AND WHERE ARE THEY!!!!!@!!??!?

Also total registered vehicles in CA is 33,539,486. According to the census there are 36,457,549 people in CA, and 26.1% are under 18. Now I know it is inaccurate but let's assume equal distribution, which means that 23.2% are <16 years old. This means that there are 27,999,397 people in CA that are old enough to drive/own a car. Which means that CA has 1.2 cars per driver. This blows my mind. I know that some people (my folks) have more cars than they can drive, but I thought there would be a lot more single car households (like mine) that would offset this number. CA has more cars than we can possibly drive. Sad.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Let The Games Begin II

On the flip-side, here is what is being circulated on the intertubes about your hero and mine, America's P.O.W. sweetheart... John McCain.
This is gonna get ugly.

Let the Games Begin

I have been noticing for some time now that snopes has had a wealth of "stories" about Barack Obama. All of these stories are fueled by racism, and fear. Now that he has almost secured the Democratic nomination, I will bet that these things are just going to keep on going and probably getting worse. I think that the saddest part is that some idiot starts these and other idiots will open the spam e-mail and believe it. By the time the election rolls around these narrow minded assholes are going to be spamming everyone with stories that Barack Obama is a child raping, baby eating satanist that single handedly planned and executed the events of September 11th. I mean they are already calling him the anti-christ, How much further can they go?
So here are the spams so far:
Barack Obama's Church is Muslim Shit, that doesn't even make sense. If a church were Muslim it would be a Mosque.
This is going to be crazy for the next 5 months.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Space Lab

Is it wrong that I see humorous irony in the fact that the Japanese section of the International Space Station will be the largest of them all?

Also leave it to Russia to build a toilet that takes two guys 10 minutes to flush. Isn't space a vacuum?

Monday, April 28, 2008

I am officially old

I feel so old. I used to know like 95% of the coachella line up and could probably have sung along to at least 2 songs for 60% of the bands. That is to say I didn't just "know of" them but I owned a CD, or had at least heard it enough on the college radio station that I could sing along. Now I don't recognize even a lot of the headliners.

Bands I know (but am also not really proud that I know them):
Jack Johnson -hate
The Verve -didn't they all die in a tour bus parking incident
The Breeders =LOVE
Aphex twin -roommate into raves in the late 90's, bad times. Also this is not real "music" I cannot stand this shit.
Fatboy slim -Sweet baby Jesus I HATED that stupid fucking "praise you" song so much. Therefore I never cared to listen to any more of that crap. Could there be a more annoying song?
Slightly stoopid -yeah I was a rude boy in the 90's so of course
Flogging molly -you can't spend as much time in Irish pubs as I do and not know who this is
Stephen Malkmus -I still miss pavement
Dwight Yoakam -yup, guitars and Cadillacs, love me some hillbilly music
Death Cab -can't get enough
Portishead -not a big fan but I have heard them enough
Prince - duh
Linton Kwesi Johnson - natural progression from rude boy to dub lover
Perry Farrell- is it sad that I know Jane's Addiction and porno for pyros more than anything else he's done recently?

And that's it.

I also didn't even know that it happened. Yup I am officially no longer cool. FUCK!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wow, I feel like the worst person ever

I just found out that my High School sweetheart's mother died... a while ago. We fell out of touch, so I guess it is not my fault that I didn't know, but I feel terrible right now. I have looked for a memorial fund, or a place to donate but have not found anything specific. I don't know any of the details, and I also do not think that it is my place to find out but I did hear that it was cancer. Maybe I should just donate to a general cancer research fund to set the world back into balance.