Monday, April 28, 2008

I am officially old

I feel so old. I used to know like 95% of the coachella line up and could probably have sung along to at least 2 songs for 60% of the bands. That is to say I didn't just "know of" them but I owned a CD, or had at least heard it enough on the college radio station that I could sing along. Now I don't recognize even a lot of the headliners.

Bands I know (but am also not really proud that I know them):
Jack Johnson -hate
The Verve -didn't they all die in a tour bus parking incident
The Breeders =LOVE
Aphex twin -roommate into raves in the late 90's, bad times. Also this is not real "music" I cannot stand this shit.
Fatboy slim -Sweet baby Jesus I HATED that stupid fucking "praise you" song so much. Therefore I never cared to listen to any more of that crap. Could there be a more annoying song?
Slightly stoopid -yeah I was a rude boy in the 90's so of course
Flogging molly -you can't spend as much time in Irish pubs as I do and not know who this is
Stephen Malkmus -I still miss pavement
Dwight Yoakam -yup, guitars and Cadillacs, love me some hillbilly music
Death Cab -can't get enough
Portishead -not a big fan but I have heard them enough
Prince - duh
Linton Kwesi Johnson - natural progression from rude boy to dub lover
Perry Farrell- is it sad that I know Jane's Addiction and porno for pyros more than anything else he's done recently?

And that's it.

I also didn't even know that it happened. Yup I am officially no longer cool. FUCK!


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