Tuesday, October 16, 2007


No you are not special. We are all human beings essentially sacks of meat who have the purpose of increasing the world's entropy. We consume and defecate and that is about it. Yeah yeah yeah self determination, find happiness, and make a wonderful life for yourself all well and good. But I can't help but think that people feel privileged over other people, are we raising a society that feels that they are so damn special that they trump other people on a basic level? I don't know but I do have some observations.
1) People are so far in their own world that they do not recognize other's existence.
a) Riding the shittle I was the first person to get to the stop and the last person on the bus, if I had seen someone get to the stop before me I would always let them on first. Why are you so much more important that you get a seat and I have to stand. If you were to pull this shit on muni someone would check you. They have this all sorted out at the grocery store deli counter, and even if I have a ticket and you beat me there and forgot to pull one, I will let you go first.
b) Your umbrella is not a force field that allows you to ignore everyone around you. Fuck you, you filthy shitting sack of meat.
2) Then you have these idiots. Seriously what the fuck!? I do not understand. What you didn't get an invitation to the party, or your dream girl turned you down for the homecoming dance so you think it is OK to unleash a chemical attack on the cool kids. FUCK YOU! You are not special, you do not get to increase your specialness by attacking those that you perceive to be more special. I blame Columbine. People were so quick to attack media, and violence in video games that they failed to point out that those kids were idiots, and they took the cowards way out without having to pay for their crime. I hope these shitting sacks of meat get their poop covered ass nailed to the wall. P.S. you had alcohol, ALCOHOL. Drink that shit and you are instantly cooler in high school anyway.
3) I come close to being hit by a car, or cursed out by a driver for being a pedestrian at least once per week. Either they are so busy talking on a cell phone or trying to buy drugs that they do not see me in the cross walk. Or they see me and decide that the fact that I occupy a few cubic meters of space in front of their private bubble (read car) that it warrants a thorough ass chewing, honking, aggravated accelerator depression, or all three to let me know that they disapprove of my meat sack slowing their commute by 4 seconds. SHITFUCK, IAM NOT MOTHERFUCKINGSORRY! And I want to kick your ass for being an idiot, FUCKING HIT ME MOTHERFUCKER!
I know that this is not a funny post. I am just sick and tired of people shitting on other people. I am tired of getting shit on too, so I guess that just stating that I must think I am more special than other people. I just feel that common courtesy is gone. Maybe San Francisco has chewed up my idealistic teenage heart that I met her with and left me with a lump of shit longing for Mayberry. I don't know, I am just tired of people.
I think this is my worst blog post ever. Had to get it off my chest, and I promise to resume with the funnies. Sorry faithful reader.


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