Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Hash

Olympics, blah blah blah. Fun to watch, but this year we watched them in Asia and it really opened my eyes. Covereage in the US has always centered around baseball, basketball, gymnastics... you know real sports! In Asia I could not believe the coverage of the "other sports."

1) Ping Pong, oh excuse me table tennis. This is not a sport, it is game you play in your buddies basement with a few beers.
2) Badminton, see ping pong but substitute basement for back yard.
3) Rhythmic gymnastics. Dancing with a ribbon or a hoop or a salad server doesn't make it a sport. Show me some crumping, now that is intense.

Then I wanted to see what other things were recognized as sport by the IOC, wait it gets worse.

Tug of War


Also Baseball and Softball are cut for 2012, and they tried to add Karate and Squash in their place but there wasn't enough support for those sports either. Maybe there needs to be some Texas Hold 'em, look at what that has done for Binions!


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