Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Listen Up Nancy Boys!

"All y'all better take your fudge packing asses to the coasts" said the cop.

For those that don't know Civil rights in Texas was dealt a huge blow (get it he he he) last night. The state of Texas has banned gay marriage. I don't know how to make this funny.

But I did hear somewhere that there was a protest thing somewhere deep in the heart of Texas that "was against the war in Iraq because it is a war that protects the rights of homosexuals." WHAT!

How the hell do you arrive at that conclusion? You know what that is, a bunch of born again folks who are jumping on the anti-Bush bandwagon to protest the war but still wanted to make their protest include sanctity of marriage issues. That makes about as much sense as a PETA rally protesting the lack of an ocean for lobsters in sub-Saharan Africa AND trying to raise awareness for AIDS prevention. Got news for you folks TOTALLY UNRELATED! Stick to one cause, otherwise you might hurt yourselves.

... The stars at night shine big and bright...

But the citizens sure are dull.


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