Thursday, August 03, 2006

Whoa Tiger!

So the conversations goes a little like this


Dad- Hey

Seth- Yo Daddy-O

Dad- So are have you been eating a lot of fish? (We caught a lot of fish last weekend)

Seth- Oh we've had it twice already but I am going to lay off it tonight as (my wife) [since she really believes in web anonimity this is how I will refer to her in this story, but of course during the conversation I used her real name] is sick.

Dad- Aww too bad, what's she got.

Seth-Nasty virus, she can't even go from horizontal to vertical without gravity pulling diahrea out of her. She has just been shitting and sleeping all day.

Dad-Eww, I gotta go back to work

Seth-Alright love you.

Dad-Love you too bye.

A few hours pass when I get a call from my mom.

Mom- I heard (your wife) was sick.

Seth- Yeah and it sure isn't pretty.

Mom- I think she is pregnant.

Seth-WHOA! EASY TIGER! No there is something else going on here. Trust me it is a virus. It is going aroung at her work.

Mom- Are you sure? Those symptoms sound like pregnancy.

Seth- I am 100% sure, here why don't you talk to her.

I passed off the phone and let my wife put my mothers dreams of grand babies in 9 months gently into a coffin. Sheesh I know my Mom wants me to knock up my wife but for future reference virus does not mean impending babies. Cool the jets. Mom, you will (might) get grandbabies some day (never), but I really think my younger brother will beat me to the punch. Put your money on that horse cause this one is not ready for a foal just yet.


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