Thursday, May 04, 2006

What I've Learned From My Dog

1) The bigger the ball, the BETTER!
2) It is OK to walk by a stranger an lick them... provided that you are cute enough to get away with it.
3) When ya gotta pee it is acceptable to drop what you are doing and just let go. Nothing is more important than relief.
4) Snuggling is good, really really goooood.
5) Sleepy Saturday mornings are glorious.
6) Dirty is only a frame of mind, baths are optional.
7) A big tongue is a good thing.
8) Grass tastes good (I have yet to verify this I am just going on how much grass he eats).
9) Pooping makes you lighter and you can run faster when lighter.
10) I am always loved... and that's a good thing. .


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