Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Drilling Barry!

I am sick and tired of Barry being targeted by the opposition. Makes me nuts. What if the same thing started happening to Albert Pujols? What then? Is it OK to bean him for some reason? Don't mention 'roids in this conversation because that has nothing to do with this.

Last night Springer needed 5 pitches to finally get it right. First pitch was behind him, then some were in tight and finally the dumb ass connected his pitch to Barry's shoulder.

The game was so far away from the Astros at that point and it was just stupid crap. There was no way the 'stros were coming back from that deficit.

This morning on the sports talk radio some dumb fuck said Barry deserved it because he crowds the plate. I've never heard anything so stupid in my life. We all know pitchers are afraid of him and they don't want to give up 714.

Then the talk show hosts went off on some tangent that Giants pitchers don't protect their big man. Bullshit! Both Morris and Cain have drilled back already this season. When the other team's big men came up in the next inning wham right in the butt. Shit, Morris even drilled two of them before he got tossed.

Then Kruk starts in on this shit where it was all strategy so that when Morris retaliates tonight he can get tossed and the Astros can get into the pen that much faster. Even worse Bullshit!

Here is my plan. You can't just drill the clean-up hitter and expect this shit to be square. Remember that scene in Untouchables where Sean Connery says "they pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue." That is how I feel about this situation.

So here is my plan:
Wait until the pitcher comes up to bat. Then Mike Mattheney can grab the bat out of the pitchers hand and beat the shit out of him... Juan Marichal style!

He'll be able to get a few good cracks in before it gets broken up because the ump won't expect it. Next time a skip calls for the bean ball, the pitcher will be thinking about what happened to that guy Mattheney beat to shit and he'll just get an intentional walk.

Stop Drilling Barry, or I am sharing this with Felipe and I know his old school ass will put a hurting on some fuckers.

Don't fuck with my Giants...


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