Friday, December 16, 2005

Haight Rats Are Stupid!

I was accosted this morning walking to work. Every day my route takes me through the Haight and Stanyan intersection for those that are unfamiliar this is very close to "hippie-hill." Which should probably be more closely named "dirty-drug-addicted-teenagers-who-ran-away-from-home because-their-Step-Dad-Bill-doesen't-own-me hill." On my way to work this morning at about 7:30 AM I hear someone yelling.

"Hey, Hey You!"

I paid no attention.

"Hey I'm talking to you"

Aww crap I think to myself... this is it. As I turn and look I think to myself. "He's smaller than me, and younger than me. If the shit hits the fan I can take him"

"WHAT!?" I yell at him.

To which he replies "You need some herbs? I gots fluffy nugs"

I yell back at him "It is 7:30. I am well dressed. You think I got here by getting high first thing in the morning on a Friday?"

That shut him up. I really don't need hard-sell drugs first thing in the morning. I hate haight rats.


Blogger ::skh:: said...

At least you don't get sexual comments on top of the drug slinging.

9:13 AM PST  

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