Friday, May 25, 2007

Good one today

Today I was walking to work when I saw this woman who was decked out in full bicycle gear. She had the camelback, the super sunglasses, a helmet with a fin that made her look like the rocketeer. Remember the rocketeer...

She also had all the saddle packs, skin tight clothing and a super expensive bike she came to a stop at the redlight and fell over. It wasn't like a temporary loss of balance thing it was like a redwood being felled. Her hands did not leave her bars and her feet did not leave the pedals. She came to a stop and then Tiiiiiimmmmmbeeeeerrrrrr! she just went over. I laughed. But we have already established that I am going to hell for buying cigarettes for those 6 year olds in front of the AMPM.


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