Friday, June 29, 2007

Hell(3x) ass(2x) pissed (1x)

So at this website: you can discover what your blog is rated. Mine was given an R rating based on the frequent of the words "hell" (mingle found that one three times) "ass" (they found it twice) and "pissed" (they found it once) While I agree that my blog is probably rated R based on the incessant bad language, full frontal male nudity, and constant themes of generally being a mean person I think mingle kind of missed the point (and the count). If hell is enough to get me an R rating, then this system might be a bit too strict. Or maybe the folks at mingle don't think "queef" "felch" and "smegma" are filthy enough. Personally I would not want my kids to be familiar with a felch and I would hope that by the time they were 17 they would know what hell is.

On a totally unrelated note I was at SFGH today and I heard another "general gem" I think I need to chronicle the types of things I have seen here. From now on I promise that each trip to the general will be mentioned in this blog. Today I overhead a Staff counselor's telephone conversation. Mind you this is a STAFF COUNSELOR!

"Yes I understand that we all have stressful jobs, but the crack is not helping. It does the opposite of winding you down."


"I would really like it if you sought treatment for the crack abuse"

Really, someone on staff at SFGH has a problem smoking crack. SURPRISE!


Blogger ::skh:: said...

Hm, I am kind of jealous. My blog is only PG...

10:17 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you mischaracterized the problem over at General hospital. That person doesnt have a problem with crack, they have a problem with stress. duh.


3:23 PM PDT  

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