Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Own Business

I found out today from my good friend Chavez that any ol' "Joe Nobody" can in fact own their own business for a mere 100 bucks. All you have to do is go to your local City Hall and file the paperwork, and then WHAM! You got a business. This led me to believe that I should open a plethora of business with names that have actually nothing to do with anything. At least I'd be CEO, CFO and Sr. stockholder. So today I am going to open up the forum for all (2) of my readers to chime in on business they would like me to own. You must also come up with either a mission statement or a slogan as well. Here is some grease for the fire...

"Limp Like Old Celery Inc."

"Bananas Bananas Bananas, Importers of Fine Swiss Mercenaries"

"Dondilinger Express"

"Suck it Trebeck!"

"I got yer WANG CHUNG Right Here Ltd."

"I done killed a ho for less..."


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