Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Seriously Dough?

OK really enough is enough. Now some old guy was killed in a mudslide. We've had enough. The record for most rainy days in SF in the month of April is 12 set all the way back in 1963, we are only in the 12th day of the month and already have 11 rainy days.

But aside from records and deaths the real heart of the matter remains fishing and now baseball. If this business continues into May when we are allowed to fish in federal waters again I am going to be pissed. If all these double headers and crazy schedules affect the Giants bullpen then there will be hell to pay.

How much more water is there? Really?

I'm getting mad.


Blogger jennster said...

you're GETTING mad? i moved up here from LA in august. i am fixing to HATE this wretched place. not to mention the fact that my son's baseball league CAN'T start cause it won't STOP raining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh.

2:34 PM PDT  

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