Monday, August 28, 2006


Somebody once told me that the material used to make mohair sweaters came from bunny rabbits.

Cute fuzzy little bunny rabbits. I didn't think much of it because at least someone was putting them to good use. Until I thought about shearing the rabbit. How do you do that? Then I got to thinking about shearing my hair, and other animals hair. Clothes are made from hair. That is strange. Wool- sheep hair, alpacas hair is made into clothing, could you make human hair into clothing... probably. Freaky. These keratinized cells that are tightly wound together are wrapped around each other tightly to make fibers and then the fibers are wound to make garments.

Clothes from hair are like suits of armor made from dead cells. EWWW!

I think I am going to make a stand right now. I can deal with plants (cotton, linen, etc.) and I can deal with synthetic fibers like polyester. I mean the name tells you what it is, polymerized esters. Easy. I will never wear hair just cause it weirds me out.

OK I will not wear hair until I can get the image of protein armor out of my head. The good think is... I can't afford it anyway!

By the way this is an angora goat, the real source of mohair.

P.S. Let's not get started on the anal secretions of a catepillar (silk). EWWW!!!!


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