Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My High Horse

Allow me dear readers to get on my high horse for a moment. This will not be the usual comedic post, actually I would like to discuss my theory on the recent spinich scare. This issue is a serious problem and it all relates to America's disconnect with where food comes from, as well as treating migrant workers (or Mexicans in general) as second class citizens. Allow me to pose and answer two questions.

Q. Where does spinach come from?

A. The Dirt.
Q. Where does E. coli come from?

A. Your butt.

So put yourself in the position of a field worker. You've been working in the field picking spinach for about 10 hours and you get a rumbling in your stomach. Your one meal of the day is ready to exit your body and it is time to poop. What do you do? Well the landowner/farmer has not provided any porto-potties for you to use. Yeah yeah I know that farmers operate on a slim profit margin and renting a porto-potty is as much as 80 bucks a day, so for all he cares they can dump in the field. Multiply that by say 20 folks picking spinach and you have...

Free nitrogen fertilizer!

Except for one problem. Long ago the FDA put an end to untreated human waste being spread on fields. Ok the farms complied on a large scale, waste from septic tanks is no longer spread on the land but rather placed in a landfill. It still happens on a small scale. People still poop on your food, and now look by saving 80 bucks a day for a reasonable place to put the poop there is no market for spinich and it rots in the field, consumer confidence has been shaken to no end.

Give the field workers a humane place to shit!


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