Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A's are Moving to Oakland

Bud Selig had this to say about the A's move to Fremont:
"The move will ensure the long-term stability of the club. Baseball teams have to boost revenues in order to stay competitive, and new ballparks are necessary to ensure that revenue."
Now I am not an A's fan but I am still totally pissed about this statement. The A's ARE competitive every single year. They don't make a lot of money in Oakland and they have to "give" seats away at dollar Wednesdays but they are perennial contenders. Bud Selig and MLB are bullshit and are only about the ducats. Let's call the move what it really is folks.
Per my translation of Selig, he had this to say about the A's move to Fremont:
"Oakland A's fans are not in the highest income bracket and to be honest are broke. At the end of the month we can't sell a ticket to save our lives. A's fans would rather spend their money on beer and watch the game from the couch than fill and owner's coffer." We have decided to move the team to an area where a bunch of rich, white, software developers live. BUD WANTS MONEY!!!"


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