Monday, October 16, 2006

Why Fox News is Evil

Ok so I am happily watching some football on Sunday morning after spending Saturday fighting off the worst hangover in the history of man. I drank enough to fill a small inland lake capable of supporting at least five dozen of the drunkest fish ever.

In any case a little blurb pops up at the bottom of the game. Hawaii quake 6.6 magnitude, power outages, airport closed. I have family all over Hawaii and I decide to leave the Rams and the Seahawks (good game by the way) to try and find out if there are images on CNN or some other 24 hour news outlet.

Now I don't know the specific channel numbers for the all news all the time channels (the way I know discovery is 278) but I am pretty sure it is like around 350 something. So I jump over there and start flipping. I happened on Fox News. I know I am not the first blogger to write about the evils of Fox News, but in less than 45 seconds of watching the news the anchor managed to offend me twice.

First offense was as I tuned in and the anchor was mid-sentence (please note that the following quotes are not exact but the sentiment is there) "... blah blah now I am not saying that there aren't building codes over there, because there must be but the codes are never followed and most of these people live in what is hardly better than a grass and mud hut.”

What! Have you ever been to Hawaii? Yeah they might be a little different but the Hawaiian people aren't savages living in huts while fighting with the neighboring tribe with spears and arrows. I also take offense that he implied that Hawaiians are lazy and do not follow building code. Grr.

The other offense is not nearly as bad. The weather lady had to describe the land slides on various islands and got hung up on one of the islands. She couldn't say Ni'ihau. OK all together now Knee-ee-how. Not that bad, and if you are not familiar with the language and pronunciation rules it can be a troublesome mouthful. I understand. But when she followed up her stumbling with a comment such as “Oh heck who can say these names anyway" That is what pisses me off. Again I can't get too upset though because the people of Ni'ihau will never see her screw up as they live a traditional life, preserve the Hawaiian language and have no television at all.

Still if her aryan ass came from oh say Montana, It would be like me calling her state Moon-tuna and dismissing her as not important enough to really care about the correct pronunciation.

Yeah, as a general rule I am going to ban all talk of lunar sushi.

Fox news can go to hell.